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for 12h Disposal

for 12h On-Call service


per Route

For your transportation in Mykonos, you could easily forget about the constraints by opting for a simple and comfortable solution: a private chauffeur in Mykonos and Mercedes Vito/Viano with capacity for 7 people.

In the Good Life we adapt to your wishes and offer the best choice of vehicle for you. We are the guarantee for successful rides.

A multilingual private driver, trained to the highest level of hospitality with a perfect knowledge of the island, is able to ensure your trips without the slightest mistake. Simplify your travel management by choosing our elite services.

Are you going to spend several days in Mykonos? Do you wish to have a private chaffeur from the moment you arrive till your departure? We will arrange for you the same vehicle and the same driver to satisfy your needs. You will enjoy your private driver’s experience, his hospitality and knowledge of the Mykonian roads while he is on disposal at your door-step anytime you need.

On-call service provides the prebooking of a particular number of transfers. Either 6 transfers whithin 12 hours or 9 transfers within 24 hrs indepedently of the distance (unlimited km) around the island offering a fixed rate with a car of your choice. This solution has the following privileges:

You are entitled to have a car available within 40 minutes maximum, offering you the absolute priority towards the request of the other clients.
Depending on the category of the vehicle and the seats available you are entitled to invite your guests without extra charge.

Your private driver will pick you up from your villa, hotel or any other point at your convenience making sure you experience a stress-free ride. Use our luxury vehicles in any point of the day without having concerns of finding taxi. Take advantage of our competitive prices and live the island experiences to the highest level.

Mercedes Vito Viano


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